The Ley Deerfield Farm Acorn

S: The Black Bay Ivan
    SS: AGS Whimsical Willow Farm Miles

          SSS: AGS Hoof Print Hills Blue Renegade

          SSD: AGS Hidden V Lil Mindi

    SD: AGS Hockenberry's Lil1 Star

          SDS: AGS Heart-N-Hand Holler Blue Bear

          SDD: AGS Hockenberry's Lil1 Gigi

D: AGS New Moon GL Spring Peeper

    DS: AGS DesertNanny EC Blue Galaxy

          DSS: Unregistered with ADGA

          DSD: Unregistered with ADGA

    DD: AGS New Moon DY Blue Topaz

          DDS: AGS Goodwood KW Dynasty

          DDD: AGS Flat Rocks Fantasia

FF Udder at 12 hour fill

Sycamore SS Touch of Grace 

S: PGCH Lost Valley JL Nairobi +*B EEE90
    SS: Fairlea Jean-Luc ++*B

          SSS: PromisedLand Incredible Hunk *S

          SSD: ARMCH Fairlea Fleur 3*D

    SD: ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley KW Nala 3*M

          SDS: Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood ++*S

          SDD: Lost Valley LA Toriaza 2*M

D: Sinai Thunder Breath of Hope 2*M

    DS: Caprakoza TR Tevye ++*B

          DSS: CH Lost Valley JL Tradition *S *B

          DSD: GCH Pecan Hollow Black-Eyed Susie *M 2*D

    DD: SG AGS Cornerstone Farm MM Charity 1*M

          DDS: ARMCH Munchranch PH Magic Marker +*S

          DDD: 4 Fun Upset


End of the Line On Cloud 9 "Cocoa"

S: Phoenix Farm Knight Rider
    SS: GCH AGS TX Twincreeks Fax SummerKnight ++*B

          SSS: AGS Twincreeks WB ShadowFax +B

          SSD: 1*M AGS Twincreeks MidSumerNiteDream 

    SD: SGCH AGS Eastwind Farm Dorcas 1*M

          SDS: God's Love Farm Caramel

          SDD: God's Love Farm Windy

D: AGS Little Sleepy H Sweet Pea

    DS: AGS Bresett Dogwood Elmo

          DSS: Gay-Mors LT blu Nearlynaughty *S

          DSD: Little Sleepy H Smores

    DD: AGS Little Sleepy H Fiona

          DDS: Little Sleepy H Rusty

          DDD: Gay-Mors KK Kristmas Karol