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Flat Rock's Iron Liege (silver, blue eyes)

S: Flat Rock's I am Ironman
    SS: Flat Rock's Valiant

          SSS: Flat Rock's Zuko

          SSD: Flat Rock's Groovy Girl

    SD: The 7 Fields Farm Silver Ribbon

          SDS: AGS Lost Valley KW Ironwood

          SDD: The 7 Fields Farm Rosie LA87VVV

D: Flat Rock's I'll Have Another

    DS: AGS Irish Whisper Harry Potter ++B

          DSS: AGS Gay-Mor's Lucky Northrup King

          DSD: AGS Gay-Mor's RA Wood Nymph

    DD: AGS Flat Rock's Ditto Again

          DDS: AGS Flat Rock's Maestro

          DDD: AGS MK Dinah

Reference Bucks


Helmstead Minis SF Mardi Gras *B (polled)

S: Helmstead Minis FF Spit Fire +B
    SS: GCH AGS Kids Corral LL Fire Flame +B

          SSS: AGS Twin Creeks WB Fire Storm +B

          SSD: AGS Rosasharn Tom's Legacy Lily

    SD: AGS Caprakoza Northern Lights 1*M

          SDS: AGS Son Rise Ranch Twilight Thyme

          SDD: AGS M&G Farms Susannah

D: Kids Corral PT Saddle Charmer 1*M

    DS: AGS Kids Corral Pat's Tenor

          DSS: AGS Flat Rocks Crescendo

          DSD: AGS Doe-Sy-Doe's Patches  

    DD: AGS Kids Corral CVF Oh My Darling 

          DDS: Caesar's-Villa TT Frankie

          DDD: Caesar's-Villa Sens Sweetheart 

Dam's Udder (photo courtesy of Helmstead Minis)

Lil Swataras ND Stargazer (polled, blue eyes)

S: Minslil1S DK Percy
    SS: Better Ways Durango Kid

          SSS: Fields of Grace FL Smooth Jazz

          SSD: Gotta B Kid N Z BlizzrD 1*M LA87 VVE+

    SD: AGS Minslil1S Miss YaYa

          SDS: AGS MIinslil1S Rawhide

          SDD: AGS Freedom Star Chivita

D: Addyson Acres B Pandora Moon

    DS: Crookedcedar Farm R Betelgeuse LA83 +V+

          DSS: CH J-Nels LY Goldn Ray O Sunshine LA85 +VV

          DSD: Crookedcedar Farm FL Luna LA84 +VVV 

    DD: Addyson Acres Paisley Moon 

          DDS: Cabin Creek Minis Sir Rigsby 

          DDD: Freedom Star DevRaindropsRFaln 

Dam's FF Udder 11 hour fill; day 16 with twins
(photo courtesy of Lil Swatara's Nigerian Dwarfs)
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